Low Study (EP)

by Cold Winds

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released May 10, 2015

Forest Cochran - Vocals, guitar, and keyboard
Patrick MacCready - Guitar and vocals
Sean Bremhorst - Lead guitars
Jeff Smith - Bass and vocals
Brendan McGregor - Drums

Recorded, produced, and mastered by Phil Young at Wabi Sound Studios in Des Moines, IA.



all rights reserved


Cold Winds Des Moines, Iowa

The cold of a Midwest winter is harsh, oppressive, and constant, just like the depression that it can bring about. When you feel the Cold Winds in your bones and everything around you is desolate, it seems like an eternity before the sun will come and bring color back to your world. ... more

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Track Name: 3:05
If you like to be told what to do, then do it.
If you want to do your own thing, then screw it.
You've got your own eyes and you've got your own hands.
You can take someone's shit, or you can take a stand for yourself.

I've got a simple idea of living.
You've got nothing to hide, so keep nothing hidden.
You can make some on the books, and some on the side.
Do what you've got to do to keep yourself alive.

And I know these things, but it's so hard.
I never wanted to slow down.
Freedom only goes so far when you're a slave,
And I don't want to take the 3:05 downtown.
Track Name: Deadbeat
You always want a fresher start than the last time you started out.
What begins with self-confidence always ends with doubt.
You had a plan, or you thought you did, but you didn't think enough.
It's fallen apart like it did from the start.
You can only do what you must.

Go back to where you came from, you loathsome little pest.
Everyone says they love you, but they'll never treat you best.
Your bed is empty and your mind is full.
Oh god, you feel alone.
You've overstayed your welcome, and now you know
You don't belong.
You don't belong, if you ever did.

They say some things are better left unsaid, but you had to say it all.
The words came pouring out. It's not as if you had the balls.
It doesn't matter anyway. You know she's not the one.
You're killing yourself over this, but you've had your fun.
You don't belong.
You don't belong, if you ever did.
Track Name: Love, or a Lack Thereof
I've got this fair, fair skin.
I've got these bare, bare feet.
I've got a car to drive down these small town streets.
I've got a reason to stay, but I've got some reasons to leave,
Cause I've got some friends back home, but I don't know if they're still friends to me.

I've got some words to sing, but so few melodies.
I'm not behind bars yet, but I don't feel free.
I want to float like a butterfly, but I don't want to sting.
I've got to find a new way of doing everything.

I've got some love to give, but no one will take me.
I've got two eyes in my head, but I still can't see
Is it my drive or my lack thereof that keeps me so, so cold so near the heat of love?
And if I did find love, would I know it's there
when I've lost everything I've tried to share?
I need somewhere to run.
I need somewhere to hide,
When it gets too cold in the world outside.